Parks, Recreation and Forestry

Updated: Jan 20

Parks are a crucial part of a healthy community -- improving quality of life for residents and drawing investments.

I strongly believe that public parks are absolutely essential to strong local economies and communities. Public parks provide a free space where all residents and visitors are welcome to play, exercise, connect with each other and with nature while also providing space for native habitats.

How can Cottage Grove help build a local economy that keeps our residents enjoying life right here in Cottage Grove? Invest in our parks and recreation programs!

Parks benefit our residents in many ways. Parks bring people together and help develop a strong sense of community where all residents belong. They provide a space where residents can have a fun, healthy lifestyle. Parks also have environmental benefits by aiding in storm water management and improve air quality.

Local parks and programs also help keep our consumer power right here because we are not leaving our community for recreational activities, driving demand for other businesses. When we stay within our community, we also reduce Vehicle Miles Driven which helps the environment. Investments in our parks also draw visitors which will also help grow our local economy.

Accomplishments & Future Goals

Since I was first elected in 2019, the Village has accomplished a number of projects related to Parks, Recreation and Forestry. They include:

- Updated playground equipment at Willow Run Park

- Approved and completed Bakken Park splash pad and shelter project

- Approved and completed Village tree inventory creating GIS tree database

- Began planning process for the future Westlawn development community park

In my second term on the Village Board, I will continue prioritizing our parks, recreation programs, and Cottage Grove's tree canopy. Over the next two years, I will:

- Advocate for investments in neighborhood parks and community level parks

- Update plans for Bakken Park to plan for any future improvements

- Continue planning process for future Westlawn development community park

- Advocate that every development has access to a neighborhood park

- Complete improvements at Red Hawk Park

- Plan park improvements that benefit residents of every age group and are accessible

- Invest in our tree canopy as it matures

- Promote bike path connectivity for safety and to aid alternate modes of transportation

On April 6th, vote Heidi to keep us moving forward.